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Bedding knowledge introduction

- Jun 22,2019 -

(1) The difference between the bedding fabrics and the washing method is different. Read the washing instructions on the bedding label carefully. The washing step of the bedding product is roughly as follows: firstly, the neutral washing liquid is uniformly stirred and melted in water within 30 degrees, and then the items to be washed are put in; the soaking is about 10-15 minutes before washing, and then the washing is started; The bedding should be hung to dry, but not exposed to the sun for a long time.
(2) When washing the pillow core or the core type bedding, it is best to use a drum type washing machine or hand wash; the newly purchased bedding is preferably washed with water in the first cleaning, not with bleach; with printing It is normal for the patterned bedding kit to be cleaned and sometimes float.
(3) Bedding should be washed clean during the season, dried and stored in a dry place, and the area with high humidity in the south should be aired regularly. Bedding is generally not easy to be large and dirty, easy to clean and maintain, but the washing and maintenance methods of different fabrics are very different. You should check the washing logo of each product before washing and maintenance.
(4) When storing bedding, pay attention to the deep and light-colored fabrics to be stored separately, and fold them neatly in the collection. The cotton fabrics can be placed in the appropriate amount of mothballs to prevent the waterproof bedding from being mildewed. However, silky fabrics should not be placed on the brain to prevent the fabric from yellowing; it should be placed in a place with suitable humidity and good ventilation.

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