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How to choose blankets

- Aug 28,2019 -

1. Look at the appearance of the blanket
With few defects, the quality of the material is close to that of the pure blanket.Also, check to see if the overall blanket sheen is naturally soft.Whether the color is beautiful and generous, there is no sense of old.The best way to look at the edges of a blanket is to match the colors. It should be flat, straight and neat, with no broken or curved edges.
2. Identify blankets by hand feel
Feel crisp, soft and elastic, which can be identified by touch.Use the hand to grasp the nap, pressure after not hardening, elastic.
3. look at the fluffy surface of the blanket
The degree of fluff requires that the blanket is not hard and the fluff is loose but not messy. The fluff covering the surface of the blanket is neat and the hair waves are clear.Undervelvet undercoat must be fine and dense, do not make the undercloth exposed, if the undervelvet from the poor, there must be undercoat.Special attention should be paid to this kind of blanket, which affects the appearance quality and reduces the thermal performance.
4. It depends on the raw material proportion of the blanket
Contain wool content to accord with national quality standard, when identifying with burning method, have the odour that hair burns, ash is charcoal ash shape more, coke is very few.When friction occurs, there is little or no electrostatic charge.


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