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What is cotton fabric?What are the advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton fabrics?

- Dec 16,2019 -

Pure cotton fabrics are textiles made from cotton.The cotton that contains cotton content above 95% is pure cotton. cotton fabric is firm and foldable, and have good waterproof property.The close-fitting clothing that makes with this kind of fabric, fold not easy be out of shape, sweat won’t make the clothes stick to the body, when the weather is hotter also can let the skin breathe freely, let person feel comfortable.

advantages of pure cotton fabrics:

  1. hygroscopic
  2. Moisturizing effect
  3. Heat resistance
  4. Alkali resistance
  5. healthy

disadvantages of pure cotton fabrics:

  1. It’s easy to wrinkle, and it’s harder to smooth after wrinkling.
  2. Easy to shrink, the shrinkage rate of cotton clothing is 2% to 5%.
  3. Easy to deform, cotton clothes are easy to deform, especially summer clothes, because the fabric is relatively thin.
  4. Easy to stick fur and difficult to remove completely.
  5. Poor acid resistance, especially acid, when concentrated sulfuric acid contaminated cotton, cotton is burned into holes, when there is acid (such as: vinegar) accidentally get on the clothes, should be cleaned in time to avoid acetic acid on the clothes to produce fatal damage.


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